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At Charlie Smiles, we bring your concepts to life and create extraordinary experiences for your brand and your consumers. With a wealth of experience in strategic marketing, campaign management, collectible programs, consumer experiences and toy concept, design and production, we ensure every project is a success.

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Woolworths Free Fruit for Kids Campaign

Objective: To promote healthy eating habits among children and enhance the shopping experience for families.

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Woolworths Ancient Animals Collectibles Campaign

Objective: To educate children about prehistoric animals while driving store visits and sales.

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Woolworths Domino Stars Featuring Disney Pixar Collectibles Campaign

Objective: To create an exciting and interactive collectible campaign that attracts both children and adults.

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Woolworths & Countdown's Bricks Store Collectibles Campaign

Objective: To engage families with an interactive and creative building experience.

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Woolworths Baby & Toddler Club

Objective: To support new and expecting parents with tailored offers, advice, and community engagement.

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Woolworths Discovery Garden Collectibles Campaign

Objective: To promote sustainability and gardening among families while driving customer engagement.

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