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Marketing Consultancy

Welcome to the consultancy hub, where expertise meets innovation, and brands discover the power of engaging with kids and families. Led by retail, grocery and kids industry expert Charlotte Healey, our strategy and marketing consultancy services are here to elevate your brand to new heights.

Who is Charlie Smiles?

With an exciting career spanning high-profile marketing roles at renowned global brands, Charlie Smiles brings a wealth of expertise, insight, and passion to the table. Having navigated through diverse roles in account management at leading advertising agencies and holding senior marketing positions at iconic brands like The Body Shop, Vodafone, Westpac, IKEA, Esprit, and Woolworths supermarkets, our expertise is unparalleled.

Experience that drives success

Charlie’s tenure at loyalty agency, UNGA, consulting on kids' collectible programs has solidified a profound understanding of what captivates young audiences. This firsthand experience has honed an intuitive knack for developing and executing successful kids' collectible campaigns, maximising brand engagement and fostering lasting connections.

What we offer

Strategic Consultancy: With a strategic mindset cultivated through years of industry expertise, Charlie Smiles Toys offers strategic consultancy services tailored to your brand’s needs. From concept ideation to implementation, we craft innovative strategies that resonate with kids and families, enhancing brand visibility and engagement.

Marketing Guidance:  Leverage our marketing prowess to amplify your brand's message. We craft marketing strategies that speak directly to your audience, delivering compelling narratives and experiences that leave a lasting impression.

Campaign & Program Expertise: Benefit from our specialised knowledge in creating and executing campaigns and programs. Whether you’re in the initial planning stages or seeking to revamp, Charlie Smiles Toys provides tailored solutions to drive excitement and brand loyalty.

How we can work together

Charlie Smiles Consulting is here to collaborate, consult, and craft exceptional strategies that set your brand apart in the competitive landscape. Elevate your brand's connection with kids and families, leveraging years of marketing expertise and a profound understanding of what captures their imagination and loyalty.Get in touch today! +61 423 672 552