The best building toys for toddlers

As toddlers journey through their formative years, play becomes an essential avenue for exploration, learning, and development. Engaging them with building toys at the age of 2 lays a strong foundation for their cognitive, motor, and social skills. Among the array of options available, certain toys stand out as ideal companions in fostering their growth.

Building Blocks: The Foundation of Learning

Building blocks are timeless companions in a child’s playroom. For 2-year-olds, these versatile toys provide a myriad of benefits. With various shapes, colours, and sizes, kids blocks stimulate sensory development, aiding in visual perception and spatial awareness. The act of stacking blocks encourages hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills, refining their grasp and manipulation abilities.

Connecting toys, such as interlocking tubes and construction sets, elevate a child’s play to a whole new level. At this age, kids are learning to connect objects, and these toys offer opportunities for experimentation and discovery. The simple action of linking tubes or pieces together promotes problem-solving skills and enhances their understanding of cause and effect.

Benefits Beyond Fun: The Educational Value

Cognitive Development

Building toys for 2-year-olds stimulate their budding imagination and creativity. They explore shapes, sizes, and spatial relationships, laying the groundwork for logical thinking and problem-solving abilities. As they experiment with various configurations, they learn about balance, stability, and structural concepts.

Motor Skills Enhancement

Two children playing with a tall red, green, and yellow toyFrom grasping and stacking blocks to connecting tubes, these activities develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. The manipulation of different shapes and sizes enhances their dexterity and finger strength, crucial for tasks like writing and drawing in later stages.

Social and Emotional Growth

Building toys offer a fantastic platform for social interaction and cooperation. As toddlers engage in play with siblings, parents, or peers, they learn to share, take turns, and collaborate. These experiences lay the groundwork for developing social skills and understanding the concept of teamwork.

Features to Look for in Building Toys

Safety First

Prioritise safety when choosing toys for 2-year-olds. Look for non-toxic materials, rounded edges, and durable construction. Toys should meet safety standards to ensure a secure play environment for your child.

Versatility and Interactivity

Opt for toys that offer versatility in design and interactivity. Building blocks with multiple shapes and sizes allow for endless possibilities, while connecting toys that twist, click, or snap together offer engaging play experiences.

Educational Components

Consider toys that incorporate educational elements. Some building sets come with colour or shape recognition features, adding an educational aspect to playtime.

Top Picks for Building Toys for 2-Year-Olds

Classic Building Blocks

Choose sets with soft, stackable blocks in various sizes and colours. Brands like MEGA BLOKS offer durable and vibrant blocks designed specifically for toddlers.

Connecting Tubes and Construction Sets

Brands like Bloko and LEGO Duplo provide interlocking tubes and construction sets that offer endless construction possibilities, encouraging imaginative play and problem-solving skills.

Multi-Purpose Building Sets

Look for sets that combine different building elements like blocks, connectors, and magnits. Brands like Connetix provide versatile kits that promote creativity and experimentation.

Nurturing Early Development through Play


As children embark on their journey of growth and exploration, the role of building toys becomes paramount. From building blocks to connecting tubes, these toys not only entertain but also foster cognitive, motor, and social development in 2-year-olds. By providing them with the right tools for play, we set the stage for a brighter and more enriched learning experience.

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